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Infrastructure's GDP Contribution
Infrastructure activities account for a significant portion of GDP
Health's GDP Contribution
Healthcare services contribute a substantial amount to Australia's economy
Australians utilised Public Transport
In 2021, train trips made up a substantial portion of Australian trips.

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Breaking the mould, SAS offers an alternative vision to asset management, one as equally analytical as human and empathetic. We’ve walked the walk, and do what we say.


We exist to transform asset management approaches.


Through an equally analytical and empathetic approach, we refine industry leading best practice.


Our core service focuses on the balance of risk, cost, and performance, applying analytical and empathetic thinking to solve problems that drive positive and meaningful impact.


Staying true to our values, we focus on sectors and clients who are community-facing and are able and willing to make a positive impact on the community.


We offer comprehensive asset management solutions for community-focused Organisations

Strategic Asset Management

Strategic Asset Management

Find the Balance, Transform Experience

Strategy and meticulous planning is foundational in asset management and encompasses comprehensive analysis, foresight, and structured approaches.

Operational Readiness and Assurance

Operational Readiness and Assurance

Prepare and Provide Assurance

Operational Readiness and Assurance is critical for ensuring that assets are fully prepared and efficient for their intended use to guarantee asset performance and reliability.

Risk and Reliability Engineering

Risk and Reliability Engineering

Ensuring Optimal Performance

At the core of asset management, Risk and Reliability Engineering plays a pivotal role. It's about more than just preventing failures; it's about strategically understanding and managing risks to ensure asset reliability. Our approach combines in-depth analysis with practical solutions, aligning with our commitment to innovation and community welfare.

Supply Chain Resilience

Supply Chain Resiliance

Deliver your Service, Disuption Free

Our supply chain analytics uses advanced modelling and simulation techniques to anticipate and mitigate obsolescence, ensuring continuous, efficient operation.


Our projects deliver impact

We're proud that each project we work on positively impacts the community

Enhancing Emergency Response Vehicle Fleet Maintenance: A Comprehensive Review

The Fleet Maintenance Review project had a positive community impact by enhancing the efficiency and reliability of emergency response services provided by the CFA. Benefiting the safety and well-being of the communities served by CFA across Victoria.

Validating, Evaluating and Planning: Department of Transport's Asset Condition Assessment Project (Phase 3)

SAS-AM collaborated with the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) to optimise the ACAP for Victoria's rail networks, improving accuracy and reducing costs. This effort also had a positive community impact, enhancing transportation services and promoting economic efficiency.

Revolutionising Asset Management SAS-AM's Pioneering Approach in DTP's Asset Condition Assessment Project (ACAP)

How should an organisation view 'condition'? Is there a single framework to determine asset condition or should we take a more practical and flexible approach?

we work hard to deliver incredible value to our clients.

Strategic approach to asset management that allows WPW to enhancing key elements of our AMS

Declan Jameson

Westernport Water, Manager - Strategic Asset Management

SAS were a beacon of dedication and innovative solution, their incredible work and the compassion they brought to their role is leaving behind a series of knowledge for DTP to learn going forward.

Cassie Khaw

Department of Transport and Planning

SAS Asset Management is a professional, committed, and competent service provider of fit-for-purpose asset lifecycle management solutions

Zac Ribicic

NSW Health

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